The Toot Scoot (Electric Scooter)

It’s no surprise that electric vehicles are all the rage around MIT. Whether it’s a scooter or a shopping cart, if something has wheels, someone is going to try to throw a motor on it. After seeing a few of these cruising around campus, I thought I’d take a stab at designing one myself.

Toot Scoot v.1

Above is a model I made in SolidWorks of my larger scooter, the toot-scoot. The red things are waterproof speakers and the reason I named it the toot-scoot. Inside the chassis are 12 A123 26650 batteries, a turnigy aerodrive motor, a 100A ESC, and a small audio amp. A stereo audio jack runs up the handlebars where I can connect my phone.

For speed control, the ESC can take in a PWM signal and convert it to voltage output to the motor. So, I implemented a PWM generator using a 555 timer and large pot connected to the scooter’s throttle.

Ignore the gross wires please
LED for visual aid to test PWM



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